Covation Labs is a new startup offering a product management platform to startup founders and enterprise product managers. We are looking to hire a HTML developer for a remote position

Why You Should Work For Covation Labs:

  • It is a 100% remote company so you will always be working from home
  • It is a startup, so you don’t have to deal with any kind of corporate drama or politics
  • You will learn more at Covation Labs in one year than you would anywhere else in three years.
  • It is a flat organization, so career progression is rapid

Desired Skills:

  • Knowledge of HTML
  • Knowledge of Angular 8
  • Knowledge of CSS and SCSS
  • Familiarity with Angular Material

Desired Traits:

  • Team player: You HAVE TO be able to work in a team. Since you will be working remotely with colleagues spread across the world, you have to be good at collaborating remotely
  • Flexibility: Since you will be working for a startup, you may experience frequent changes to the backlog based on customer feedback
  • Desire to learn: You will be expected to improve your skills over time. You will be constantly challenged to master new technologies and tools. Don’t worry, you will be given ample time to do this on the job. You are not expected to work during off hours.
  • Self-organization: Since you will be working remotely, you will have little to no supervision. You will be expected to take the ownership of your work and deliver value.