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At Covation Labs we are perfecting ways to continuously discover the customer problems and to zero-in on your value proposition. With our tools you can build products your customers will love; not waste time and money building a product that nobody wants

Connect The Dots With Covation Labs

Start with your vision. Then create a steel thread between that vision and every single activity your team performs. You no longer have to keep information in unconnected wiki pages, spreadsheets or in dead tree notebooks. Covation Lab automatically connects your big idea to your customers, your value proposition, your business model, and even the features your team will be building. All this on a single, beautifully designed, free platform.

Covation Framework For Building Great Products

At Covation Labs, we have spent a lot of time thinking about ways to build great products, fast. After a lot of experimentation and prototyping, we have come up with a framework that we are calling The Covation Framework. 

Covation Framework is a process for building customer-centric products and services via continuous discovery. The process is made up of four stages, each designed to turn your idea into a concrete solution by testing your assumptions


Problem Discovery

Know your potential customers. Discover what they do, think, feel, and expect. Discover the problems they face that are worth solving

Solution Discovery

Create multiple possible solutions to the identified problem. Test your solutions to surface the most impactful solution you can deliver

Market Discovery

Discover how you will approach your target customer. Iterate with your solution design and discover your Go To Market strategy, price point, channels and partners

Solution Design

Use incremental and iterative design approach with the help of impact mapping and service blueprint tools to make your solution concrete

Covation Labs For Product Leaders

Covation Labs Platform is built to facilitate teams that use the principles of continuous discovery and continuous learning. Designed to help teams of any size or level of innovation maturity, it will guide a team step-by-step through the Covation Process

Covation Labs is for you if you are a – 

Startup Founder

  • You have an established business and now you are want to offer additional services to your customers.
  • You want to improve the quality of your existing services so that you can gain customers and make your business more profitable

Enterprise Product Leader

  • You would like to improve the time to market of your new products and services​.
  • You would like to reduce the risk of failure.
  • You would like to create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in your company.

Covation Labs Features


Identify your customer. Discover what they want to achieve. Understand their problems, their pains, and their gains

Value Proposition

Discover how you can increases the gains and reduce the pains of your target customer. Decide how you will add value

Business Model

Details of building a profitable business. Identify how you will find customers and earn revenue. Identify what your costs are

Impact Map

Connect product features to specific outcomes for your customers. Ensure that you are building the value into your product

Story Map

Decide on the features various versions of your product will have. 

Road Map

Clearly communicate your near, short and long term plans to your stakeholders as well as to your team


Validate your assumptions by conducting experiments. Reduce the risk and uncertainty of your value proposition

Innovation Accounting

Define and track the value delivered by your product team, Get insights into whether you should double down, pivot or cut your losses

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